Macnology is based in Southampton and is owned and run by myself, Lee Webb. I have over 20 years of experience working with computers, originally with mainframe machines that were bigger than your average fridge freezer and had less memory than an iPhone!

I bought my first Mac, a G5 iMac, in 2005 and I would never go back to a PC. In fact, I didn’t even start with a PC. I used PCs at work but when it came to buying my own computer I decided I wanted something different, something better for my own personal use. I’ve not looked back since.

After joining an Apple support company, I gained a certificate in Apple Mac support, giving me official “Apple Certified Support Professional (ACSP)” status. I then decided to go it alone with Macnology. I hope that my experience, enthusiasm and thoroughness will help me to help you become a better and happier Apple user.